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At twelve years of age, a young version of Mic Most was just venturing into the world of music, discovering the skills of his own on a Casio keyboard, a karaoke machine and a set of headphones he already figured out could be used as a microphone. Realizing quickly how much he enjoyed making music as he grew up in Orange Co., CA – he made a commitment to continue his path into music and never surrender the incredible feelings and genuine ability to connect to others that music had shown him.

He made one of the most important moves in his life to that point and relocated to Texas. Discovering the music scene was full of talent but missing some flavor, Mic Most began to find his niche in the independent scene almost instantly. After getting heavily into & influenced by electronic music, he eventually went on to become a DJ/Promoter within the local scene, displaying his own incredible sounds night after night, but now also assisting and inspiring others to make the best music they could make as well.

As his reputation as both an artist and producer grew and word continued to spread, it led Mic Most to start his own record label – Get Live Records – and really step into studio controls. At the helm of projects for independent talent from all over the scene, Mic Most has been ensuring that each of the artists he’s worked with have gotten the very MOST out of their MIC. With his own success firmly established, Mic Most began to work almost twice as hard getting others the recognition their talents deserved.

Working harder than ever and drawing continual inspiration for love, life working with a long list of amazing Dallas-based talent like Tru Def, Alsace Carcione, Stone Mecca and many more; Mic Most has still found more than enough time to create his own creative electronically-driven music in a hip hop-ish style, while also diving deeper and deeper into the world of Tech House and House Music. Claiming the “Best Artist” prize as top performer at the 2013 Dallas Music Conference, the skills of Mic Most have been confirmed time & time again.

Mic Most has many side projects, including some work with The Ambient Society, Los Angeles Digital Audio, and also is in a side-project known as 2w0E1even where he matches his own creativity with that of two-time Grammy Award winner Jah Born (Erykah Badu, The Cannabinoids). He also founded Get Live Fitness - a Fitness & Wellness imprint, as well as Get Live Designs - a one-stop shop for web design, digital marketing & branding...all under the umbrella of Get Live, LLC. If anything, Mic Most has become much busier and much more of an integral part of the scene, and not only as a musician.

In 2016, Mic Most began composing music libraries for Film and TV with Killer Tracks/Universal Music Publishing Group and independently scoring Films. Mic Most is also an active member of The Recording Academy and is celebrated in many places around the globe such as Washington D.C. lobbying for musicians' rights, in Los Angeles attending the Grammy Awards, or performing original pieces in exotic places the world over.

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2013 - Dallas Music Conference (Best Artist)

2017 - Independent Music Award (Best Dance/Electronica Album-Fall In To Me)

2018 - Independent Music Award (Best Dance/Electronica Album-A Tale Of Grandeur)

2019 - Independent Music Award (Best Dance/Electronica Album-Red Shift)

2016 - Grammy Award (Best Electronic Album-Riot Machine)

2016- Grammy Award (Best Instrumental Arrangement-Thrice Struck)

2017- Grammy Award (Best Dance Recording-Hero)

2018 - Grammy Award (Best Electronic Album-Red Shift)

2018- Grammy Award (Best Dance Recording-Raindrops On My Life)

Mighty Good Feeling

Mighty Good Feeling

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Scarface feat. 2Pac & Johnny P (Mic Most Remix)





  • 07-10

    February 2020

    Chai Ashram
    San Ignacio, Belize, Central America
  • 01-06

    January 2021

    Post Oak Inn
    La Grange, Texas, United States

Get Live Records


Mic Most Releases his lastest EP - Faceless. Kicked off the release with a lush DJ set at the Chai Ashram in the Belizean jungle.


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